Boca Java Gilmore Girls Coffee

"This is a jumbo coffee morning. I need coffee in an IV." ~ Lorelai Gilmore ⠀

I absolutely 💛 the @GilmoreGirls and Coffee so today I am enjoying a much needed ☕ of Luke's No-Nonsense Special from @bocajava's #StarsHallow Coffee Club Line. The beans are #roasttoorderwhich means they don't begin roasting until an order is placed and the product is shipped out the very next day! The coffee comes already ground which is a timesaver when you need your coffee STAT and the packaging has this very unique hole that you can squeeze to get a whiff of the amazing blend! Now to cuddle up and binge on the GilmoreGirls📺 on Netflix😘 #hbtsp #hbtbocagilmore#bocajava #notsponsored

Boca Jave Stars Hallow Coffee Club Line

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